Rod Pampling

Player Profile – Rod Pampling

Began playing primarily in the United States beginning in 2000 when the Aussie relocated to Flower Mound, Texas. After finishing 124th on the 2011 money list to earn TOUR card for 2012, contacted tournament directors who granted him sponsor exemptions to thank them. “I’ve been doing this 25 years. I’m not saying I’ve never had a guy call me and thank me for doing that, but it’s the first in a long time,” AT&T National Tournament Director Greg McLaughlin told the Associated Press. “It’s very rare. All the other guys are thankful and appreciative. But rarely do I get one after the season when a guy gets his card and calls you to thank you. As far as I’m concerned, he can play in one of my tournaments if he ever needs a spot. He’s set for life.”
Troops First Foundation
Feherty’s Troops First Foundation works to provide meaningful assistance to our military who have been wounded while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Through several relevant and unduplicated programs along with specialized events designed for OIF/OEF combat-wounded service members and their families, Troops First addresses relationship building, mentoring, reintegration and looking forward.
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